has a cast of 18! We have some talented young people,(first grade through twelve) some experienced older people, some parents, children, grandparents, grandkids, some students and businessmen, a stage virgin and some re-appearing stars. It takes a mixed bag to create perfect chaos!

  • The story...

    is based on the traditional Christmas Carol tale. Unfortunately, a wrench in the perfect holiday plans creates a problem for the small community theatre. And so the audience ends up with a delightful peek at what is NOT supposed to happen on stage (or behind it, for that matter). The story is sincere, and the laughter unstoppable. The cast is talented, and your holiday season will have a perfect start!

Little Red Hen Theatre building

Little Red Hen Theatre
316 Main Street, Wakefield, NE

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The 140 seat black box theatre was built in 2005.

Our community theatre presents plays, musicals, and other fine arts events.