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2022 Education Programs!

We create educational programs that are fun, engaging, inspire confidence, and encourage the exploration of creativity!

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June 13 -18, 2022

DRAMA CAMP 2022 is for students in grades K – 8 and focuses on teaching basic drama skills through structured exercises and activities.  Participating students are grouped by age and grade with a maximum of 20 participants per group allowed.  The week culminates in an informal performance for friends and family!

Grades K – 3, Familiar Fairytales – A Scripted Performance!

Activities will focus on teaching the basic drama skills and the use of Body, Voice and Mind. Students will practice these various skills individually and in combination as they work together as a group to perform a scripted story. 


Grades 4—8, Macbeth, but for kids!

Activities for this group will focus on leaning and using a wide variety of drama/acting skills through game playing and improvisatory work, as well as character creation and interaction with fellow actors.  Throughout the week, students will work together to put together a performance of an adapted and abbreviated version of Shakesepeare’s Macbeth.


SEPTEMBER - Various Dates

Let’s Create is intended for participants ages 16 and older.  Using the concept of  “devised theatre”, participants will work with a guest artist to create and perform their own unique piece of theatre.  The goal is to create a space where everyone can enjoy and explore the creative process of creating – or devising – theatre!   The program will culminate  in a “sharing” of work for family, friends, and the general public.

Let's Create is sponsored in part by The Dixon County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Nebraska Arts Council, and The Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

Create something new with us!

We love nothing more than to collaborate and create.  If you would like to discuss creating a customized education program, just ask!

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